Bob Simon

"I think everyone who joins a church has a mission, they don't always know what that mission is, but the church can help them grow in that mission. . .sometimes you take those jobs and think you can't do it, but you find out you can and you do it well." (Bob Simon)

The Koch Family

"We want people to know that they are welcome here. That Aldersgate is a great place that does missions in our community or and a great place where families feel welcome, we want others to know about all the caring people here." (Tracy Koch)

"It has brought us closer to God, when you go down to the site or you go through your Sunday School class, it takes you beyond yourself. We don't always think about others...we get caught up in our day to day lives and forget about things that other people might be going through." (Tracy Koch)

Lewis and Courtney

"I imagine the church being a community where is everyone is truly connected...once we accomplish that we can truly learn about God and truly learn about the gospel." (Lewis)

"We came together, in to help families through Appalachia Service Project, by working hard and bonding with with the family, it has definitely given me a different outlook on life." (Courtney Kemp)