The Venerable Lewis Cox

You may be aware of Lewis Cox’s journey towards ordination in the United Methodist Church.  If you know Lewis you know that he is dedicated, attentive, and in tune with where God is leading his life. It seems only fitting that yesterday, Lewis took the next steps towards being ordained—fitting because this last month was Clergy Appreciation MonthClergy Appreciation Month is a time set aside to show the clergy and pastors that they do not stand alone, but are supported by the whole congregation.
Again, it seems fitting that in this month of appreciation and support we raise up Lewis Cox, one of the sons of Aldersgate UMC for the ministry of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, by Charge Conference vote Lewis was continued on his path into being UMC clergy.
When you think of a pastor, you might imagine someone who is calm, insightful, and has peace in his or her heart.  You might also think of someone who is engaged in life changing ministries and has a passion for the poor.  When you think of a pastor, you might think of someone who is a good administrator, a good communicator, and a good listener.  The list of what you might think of can go on and on. There are many dimensions to being a pastor.
Lewis, checks off many of these boxes. He is attentive to the needs of others, empathetic, and trustworthy. Lewis has a great heart for the poor, the unsheltered, and those in need. He is a phenomenal communicator. Lewis is exemplary in his skills to relate to others and meet them where they are at.
Sometimes we fool ourselves by placing the duties of a pastor on such a high pedestal that they are akin to being a super hero. You know as well as I do, that Pastors aren’t superheroes, they are vulnerable and often make mistakes. It is only by the grace of God and the support of the congregation that clergy are able to do the work they have been called into.
Lewis Cox has an extraordinary call. He has extraordinary talents. My hope for Lewis is that you stand beside me in support from Aldersgate UMC, the Iowa Annual Conference, lay people, and clergy along the way so that Lewis can continue to live into this call—using his talents to better the world around us.
For those who have been praying along the way … please continue.  For those who haven’t prayed yet … please do.  For those that celebrate with me today, let us continue to remember that God is calling the young persons, the middle-aged persons, and the older persons in our midst.  Let us continue to look forward to a time when all persons hear the call of Jesus Christ to find life abundant!
~Pastor Jon